singer. songwriter. musician.

Leigh Sinclair is a singer-songwriter from Houston, Texas. A dynamic vocal range & artistic mission make Leigh an inimitable vocalist, musician, and a person devoted to her craft. Her style has been likened to the witchy edge of Stevie Nicks combined with the raw heartbreak of the late Amy Winehouse. While recording her debut EP, "The Lover Sings," Sinclair can be found playing the Texas/Gulf Coast music scene. True to her Cajun roots, Leigh's sound combines jazz, blues, rock, & soul-pop. 

"The Lover Sings," stems from Leigh’s lifelong curiosity about the metaphysical. With a B.A. in Philosophy, it was her studies that drove her to follow a life guided by passion. So much so that she adopted it as a personal mantra, and thusly named the EP after Joseph Pieper's, "Only the Lover Sings."

Sinclair is a multi-instrumentalist, inspired by the jazz greats and her unique southern heritage. Re-defining what it means to be a Texan rock star, Leigh’s lyrics touch on something for everyone: love & heartbreak, hope & the human condition. Catch her live in Houston or on the road this Spring for The Lover Sings tour.


"Her voice is like silk.” -Buzz Music LA 

"In ‘Tread Lightly,’ the pain of pure heartbreak....bleeds through her sultry voice — which floats effortlessly between moody, melodious runs and chesty, big notes ...it’s the definition of easy listening, propelled by an unmistakable groove." -Houston CityBook Magazine, In review of her debut single, "tread lightly”